Joe, Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Online Customer, Feature Cape Cod 8 x 12 Model

Shelley, Thank You for your help on picking the right fit for my greenhouse plans. We have many Plants, Friends, Family and Butterflies  enjoying it. The engineering and quality of this product is absolutely amazing. Attached is a photo upon our completion. Thanks So Much!

Tim, Amboy, WA

Online Customer, Feature Anniversary Greenhouse

Shelly You're a Peach-Thanks. I have a little landscaping to do before I take pics (of greenhouse) and I will send you one or two. Here is a photo of the anniversary greenhouse. The Grape supports were there so I used them as a make shift shade cloth support. All went together nicely and we have had many compliments. Thank you so much for staying on top of things. You are great to deal with.

Tony and Linda, Mundelein, IL

Online Customer, Cross Country Glass Lean-to

Thanks so much for all your help with this project. Tony and I sure appreciated your timely responses and handling of our special requests. I just thought you'd like to see how it turned out and the issues we had with the roof vents hitting the garage roof. Also, you can see why we did not need any doors with this greenhouse as it attaches directly to the garage. We had a pig roast over the weekend and I have a feeling you will be contacted by one of our guests later this week about ordering a kit. He loved ours and said he's always wanted a year round greenhouse. Thanks again!

Bill, Bellefonte, PA

Online Customer, Feature Pacific Curved Twinwall Greenhoue 16 x 20

Shelley, My brother loves his greenhouse!  He has planted several vegetables already.   Thanks for all of your advice and quick support as he had this greenhouse delivered and constructed.  Have a great holiday season Shelley!

Sherri, Westport, MA

Greenhouse Customer, Cape Cod Glass Greenhouse

Hi Shelley, Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. We have been very busy building our new greenhouse. I have so much to tell you. My husband and I both work so we started working on the greenhouse after work last week. We also worked on it starting at 5:30 am until 9 when we would go to work. I cannot begin to tell you what a pleasure it was to build the greenhouse. Everything we did from start to finish was a pure pleasure. All of the parts were perfectly labeled and fit together exactly. It all arrived in excellent condition due to the attentive packing. The video gave us a great foundation on what needed to be done and when we hit a stumbling block we referred to the instruction manual. We did make a few errors, but they were easily corrected and due to our failure to follow instructions. The kit was 100% complete with all necessary parts, screws, bolts etc. Nothing was omitted and everything was cut to fit precisely as it should have been. It took both of us approximately twelve hours to assemble the entire greenhouse from start to finish. There were three errors that we made during assembly that took us approximately three hours to correct once we realized we had made them. So nine hours probably would have been sufficient without the errors. So, we would like to thank you for such a great product! It was so refreshing to work with something that actually met all of our expectations. We couldn't be happier. Please feel free to have people contact us for future referrals.

Tom, Rodney, ON

Phone in Customer, 6 x 12 Custom Glass Lean-to

The engineering on the lean-to was superb. It went together like a well oiled machine. It goes together like a dream.

Russ, Petaluma, CA

Online Customer, Custom Lean-to 12 x 16 Single Glass/Twinwall Poly

Really pleased with the ultimate set-up having the swim spa inside and away from inclement weather. It is wonderful to be comfortable with some nasty wind or rain outside. We are very happy!

Tom and Sue, Bristol, TN

10 x 12 Five Wall Polycarbonate Greenhouse

Hi Shelley, Just thought that you would like some pictures of the completed greenhouse.  We can't tell you enough how very pleased we are with it and how much better it is over our previous one that got destroyed in the hail storm.  We have hooked up the electric outlets and overhead waterproof light and also the hot and cold water faucets.  The long red box is the recycled shipping crate for the greenhouse.  We cut it down to a size that we needed, waterproofed it with a FDA food safe product, cut in some drainage holes, and added wheels.  It is ready for the potting soil and seeds!!!  Our resident hummingbirds think it is great to fly through the open door and out through the vents.  They also like to hide just inside and fly out to "attack" another hummer.  We like to sit on the porch and just admire it because it is so beautiful.  Thanks again so very much.

Debra, Mancos, CO

10 x 12 Curved Single Glass Lean-to

Thank you! I don't know where you find the energy but you are doing some very demanding but rewarding work indeed.Congratulations on all success! You are good hardworking caring person and a credit to any employer. Shine on Shelley!
Just want to let you know that I received the needed materials to complete the greenhouse yesterday..fast!! Thank you and the kind gentleman from the warehouse who called me back and had it sent to quickly. Wish business in my neighborhood worked as friendly and efficient to guarantee customer satisfaction! I know of local businesses that could well benefit from your example. I am always impressed with Canada's way of doing business and the warmth and generosity shown throughout. Thanks for care throughout this sale.

Jean, Dixmont, ME

Online Customer, Traditional Single Glass Lean-to 8' x 20'

Shelley, Time for a progress report. First of all, we are absolutely delighted with our 8x20 single-pane lean-to greenhouse. It took us until late November to get the foundation and floor slab poured, with pex in the slab. Glass went on the first week of December (photos show ladders still inside). The heated floor, however, didn't get hooked up until last week.  We've been extremely impressed with the engineering that went into this.  This structure survived some pretty tough weather this winter, including two ice storms, many inches of snow, and high winds. We started these tomato seedlings (492 of them) in our propagation room, and set the plants out into the sun room every time it heated up to a safe temperature.  On the days we had full sun, despite the coldest March on record here in Maine, they spend many hours basking in that sun. Seedling tray photo is from March 23. Now, with the floor heat hooked up, they are spending all their time out there.  As you can see, they look gorgeous. Dark green (same potting mix), thick stems (not spindly reaching for light). No longer seedlings, the tomato plants are 10-12 days ahead of where they were this time last year,same planting date. Which has presented an unforseen problem for us - our fields are still unseasonably frozen from all that harsh weather, and the three hoop houses are not ready to house these beautiful specimens. Such a conundrum! (Don't worry, we've already got a plan.) Our neighbors are all impressed, don't know if you'll get any business out of it, but you may. Thanks again for your patience in working with us. It took longer than we expected(scheduling problems on our end), but we are delighted with the result.