Commercial Greenhouses

If you require a commercial sized greenhouse, please call 1-800-665-2124 for your free quote.  Glazing options include single or double tempered glass, 6mm twinwall polycarbonate or 16mm fivewall polycarbonate (the very best at insulating your greenhouse).  Below are a few samples of commercial greenhouses with a brief description of each photo.

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Greenhouse complex at UBC Botanical Gardens, Vancouver B.C.
This slanted sidewall green house was designed for a technical institute. The greenhouse features continuous roof venting along the ridge.
This free standing greenhouse measures 20' x 50' and is popular with both hobby and commercial greenhouse growers.
Greenhouse measuring 20' x 40' with single glass, roof venting and double doors.
This greenhouse, built for a garden center, measures 20' x 70'. It features 6 mm laminated roof glass, and roof and side ventilation.
Traditional commercial greenhouse kit designed for an Institute. It measures 30' x 80' and features double store front doors.
This research greenhouse was designed for the Fisheries Department. The aluminum greenhouse frame is glazed with a 6 mm bronze polycarbonate cover.
Continuous greenhouse roof venting, louvers and intake shutters were the specifications for this 20' x 40' all glass greenhouse. Free door drop is provided if the structure is being built up on a knee wall, as shown in the above photo.