About Our Greenhouses

Learn all about our greenhouses!  You’ll enjoy year-round gardening with the installation of your very own greenhouse.  Greenhouse Style Corporation offers glazing choices which include 3mm single tempered glass, 16mm double tempered glass, 6mm twinwall polycarbonate or 16mm fivewall polycarbonate.  Greenhouse Style Corporation, one of North America’s largest suppliers of quality hobby greenhouses, custom greenhouses and commercial greenhouses.

About Our Greenhouses

At Greenhouse Style Corporation, its all about choice. Choose from over 8,000 greenhouse models and sizes, or why not design your own!  Consequently, the possibilities are endless!  Choose a free Door Drop! Choose your hinge placement, door placement, and gable end placement. If you need specific dimensions we offer custom greenhouse sizing as well as paint colors. Our standard paint color is white, or you can upgrade to forest green, dark brown, black or we can provide you with a custom color, just send us your color sample and it can be computer matched.  Choose a combination polycarbonate and glass greenhouse. Our Victorian Greenhouse Trim Package is optional as well as our many greenhouse accessories.  Most noteworthy, you decide what’s best for you!

Be sure to visit our feature greenhouse models which are on sale everyday!

For those who are passionate about gardening, a greenhouse will allow you to enjoy your greenhouse year round regardless of the climate you live in.

Greenhouse Style Corporation offers greenhouse products that will suit both your space and budget. Call 1-800-665-2124 for your free quote!

Our structurally superior greenhouses and lean-to styles are available in:

16mm fivewall polycarbonate is the most energy efficient greenhouse glazing available.  All of our greenhouses include a Manufacturer’s Lifetime Warranty, a true reflection of their superior craftsmanship and design.

If you are building a raised foundation wall for the greenhouse to sit on, we will drop the door down to ground level for you. The Door Drop is a free service that we offer!  As a result, you can custom place a door on any greenhouse wall.

Combination greenhouses are also available to maximize heat efficiency. If you are ordering a single tempered glass greenhouse, you can choose a single tempered glass roof or 6mm twinwall polycarbonate roof. If ordering a double tempered glass roof, you can choose a 16mm fivewall polycarbonate roof.

Commercial greenhouses are also available in either glass or polycarbonate.

You have no worries with our shipping system! Our quality greenhouses are always protected by being wood crated.  Due to the high volumes of shipping, we receive a discount of approximately 62%.  We are pleased to pass this savings on to our greenhouse customers.

Furthermore, once you learn about our greenhouses, you will understand why Greenhouse Style Corporation boasts such an impressive list of customers across the United States, Canada and Europe. 

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