Use your own design, or use one of our standard units.  All of our standard units can also be customized to suite your space.  Our greenhouse designs withstand a snow load of 32 pounds per square foot and wind loads of 85 miles per hour.  If you need greater loads, just let us know what you need and we can meet those requirements.  Our heavy duty greenhouse frames ensure that they are structurally engineered to beyond industry standards. In larger sized greenhouses galvanized steel trusses are used for the added strength required.

Greenhouse Designs, Glazing – Choose between 3mm single tempered glass, 16mm double tempered glass, 6mm twinwall polycarbonate or 16mm fivewall polycarbonate which is the ultimate in greenhouse efficiency.  You can also select a combination of glass and polycarbonate.

16mm Fivewall Polycarbonate – The light transmission is slightly lower at 62%. This results in an improved R value of 3.03 which is a 21% improvement over 16mm thick triplewall polycarbonate. A greenhouse glazed with our fivewall polycarbonate will cost 21% less to heat than a triplewall polycarbonate greenhouse. The fivewall polycarbonate is also about 50% more efficient than insulated double glass, 10mm triplewall polycarbonate and 8mm fourwall polycarbonate. It is approximately 80% more efficient than 6mm or 8mm twinwall polycarbonate. Arguably, fivewall polycarbonate is the most energy efficient glazing material available in today’s greenhouse market.

Greenhouse Designs, Frames – Our greenhouse frames are also designed to attach shelving and eye hooks for hanging baskets, allowing you to maximize your greenhouse space and light. You won’t have to worry about the weight of hanging baskets collapsing any roof bars in one of our greenhouses!  Greenhouses offered by Greenhouse Style Corporation are completely solid.

With our huge size selection, we can deliver just about any size greenhouse to you. We have the largest selection of standard sizes available.  Our glazing bars are spaced approximately every 2 feet apart.  All of our greenhouses can be built in 2 foot increments starting from 2 feet wide and 2 feet long! This ensures that we can deliver to you hobby greenhouse kits, mid size greenhouses and commercial greenhouses! Just let us know the size you want.  If special sizing is required, we also offer custom greenhouse and lean-to sizes.

Included with all greenhouses is a pre hung premium lockable storm door with an adjustable tempered glass window and screen.  We offer several door options and upgrades.  Choose from Commercial doors, double doors and extra doors.  Doors can also be custom placed.

All greenhouse plants require ventilation to maintain their health. In addition to the screened door, all of our greenhouses include extra large roof vents measuring 20″ x 48″ with automatic solar powered roof vent openers.   This means you don’t have to babysit the greenhouse.  The size of the greenhouse will dictate the number of roof vents included. Manual roof vent openers are also available.

Designed to maximize space for all greenhouse gardeners, the standard height of the side walls is 5’6″. Plenty of room for tall gardeners, tall plants and hanging baskets! Compare this to 4′ side walls found on many imported greenhouse models.  We can also increase your side wall height if you wish to create additional height.

Best of all, your greenhouse is designed to allow you a lifetime of gardening. Aluminum does not rust, is virtually maintenance free and we only use stainless steel fasteners. Just ask any of our customers who have already purchased one of our greenhouses!